Earth E-Waste Management Pvt Ltd

Quality Policy

Everything that has a wire, plug or battery, which was in use once, but in not-so-good condition now is known as electrical or electronic waste, commonly known as e-waste or scrap. It can be anything right from television, computer, printer and laptops to telephonic and laboratory equipment’s as well as photocopy and fax machines. Well, it includes all the electrical and electronic tools including home appliances and office automation products. Recycling these e-waste materials can be hazardous, if not done in the environmental friendly way.

At Earth E-waste Management Pvt. Ltd., we strive to collect, recycle, reuse, handle and manage the e-waste in an environment friendly manner. We are aware of all the risks associated with the hazardous e-waste recycling process. So, we have build up policies and designed strategies to deal with e-waste management in such a way that it abides by all the health and safety measures and hazardous e-waste management guidelines. We take all the steps that contribute towards preventing harm to environment and provide safety to our clients.

Our objective is to achieve the highest standards of health and safety of environment, making effective and efficient use of the principles of sustainable development. Our mission is complete client satisfaction and protection of environment by preventing pollution and minimizing negative impact on environment, making the effective and efficient use of natural resources.

We, at Earth E-waste understand the importance of implementing the QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) policy and comply with E-Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2011.

  • We are committed towards protecting the health and safety of our clients, vendors, employees, visitors and other public
  • We take the utmost care that there is no damage to environment
  • We continuously keep an eye on our services and process, and we try to improve them for the goodness of the society
  • We follow a fixed process; wherein we identify the quality, usefulness and hazards of e-waste materials and analyze them. Then, we strive to reduce the risk and losses. We try to minimize the damage to environment, people, products, appliances and assets.
  • We fulfill the legislation, rules and regulations in the locations where we work
  • We encourage and support the health and safety standards
  • We strive hard to maintain the health and safety not only at homes, but also at work places
  • There is nothing more important than our safety and the safety of people working around us. We work towards giving a wakeup call to employees and remind them of their responsibilities towards environment. They must know that they should take care of themselves and other people around them. They must cooperate with the management of company and other employees too, when it comes to safety
  • We are constantly working for the betterment of the society in order to protect them from pollution
  • We carry out an active research and development with the help of cutting edge technologies and intelligent strategic planning, so as to reduce negative and harmful impact on environment and make the world healthier and safer
  • We train our employees to make the efficient and effective use of QHSE systems and enhance their skills to lay emphasis on employee evaluation in order to motivate them and fulfill the code of conduct
  • We make sure that we do it right the first time, every time

Why Us?


Offering for our customers.

We have ability to collect, recycle, manage and refurbish e-waste in effective and environment friendly way.