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Our Process

E-waste, as per the Earth E-waste Management Private Limited is all the electronic and electrical appliances which have been used and no more in a condition to be used for which they were intended to. E-waste as well as the recycling process of e-waste that is carried out to recover the valuable materials out of it can be dangerous, as it pollutes the environment, if the process is not carried out properly.

E-waste is comprised of the materials like lead, mercury and brominated flame retardants, to name a few which are hazardous in nature. So, it causes a lot of pollution in the environment when e-waste is getting recycled. Thus, it has to be carried out in an environmental friendly way, which is the exact reason e-waste should be given to the authorized e-waste management firms, instead of selling it to random vendors or buyers.

We, at Earth E-waste Management Private Limited understand the value of proper disposal of e-waste and organize appropriate transportation even for a little amount of waste and then carry out the recycling process in order to improve the air and water quality, eliminate adverse conditions on environment and save the nature for the future.

As the improper techniques adopted in e-waste recycling processes can be hazardous to environment, we, at E-waste Management Private Limited design such processes and techniques which abide the industry guidelines and norms, so as to not pollute the environment and help us to make a greener and cleaner future.

We follow a simple, easy to understand and easy to implement step by step process of e-waste handling. Steps involved in our process are:

  • The first step is collecting the information about the type and amount of e-waste along with their location, so that we can send them quote.
  • After the proper analysis and calculation in the time and efforts needed, we send quote to our clients.
  • Once we get an approval from them, we visit their place; be it residential or commercial buildings in order to collect the e-waste material.
  • After collecting the material, we make the effective use of our transportation services and send them to our factory premises.
  • The actual process of e-waste management and handling starts once the e-waste material reaches our factory. All the material is sorted out there in order to identify how much of it is useful and in what ways it can be used.
  • After identifying usefulness, the identification of hazardousness begins in order to find in what way this material is dangerous for the environment.
  • Once the identification of usefulness and hazardousness gets over, the dismantling process begins, so that they can be made into smaller pieces.
  • After making small pieces, the segregation starts in order to separate or isolate the material.
  • Once the segregation is done, the treatment or disposal takes place in an environmental friendly way.

We, at Earth E-waste Management Pvt Ltd make the use of cutting edge technology to handle the e-waste recycling process. Our young and dynamic team of highly qualified and experienced professionals makes the use of highly advanced techniques. We understand the requirement of our clients and work for them to provide them complete satisfaction. Our diligent, knowledgeable and skilled professionals constantly strive to work towards the pollution free green globe and pave the way for clean and green future.

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We have ability to collect, recycle, manage and refurbish e-waste in effective and environment friendly way.