Earth E-Waste Management Pvt Ltd

Hazardous Substance Disposal

E-wastes are considered hazardous and pose dangerous threat to human health and environment, as certain components of some electrical & electronic products contain materials that are hazardous.

E-waste contains substances such as Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Beryllium, Brominated flame retardants, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), etc. which are toxic for humans and can cause adverse effect on exposure. Workers in informal sectors of recycling may face serious health issues as they are continously exposed to such substances and can cause damage to kidney, lungs, brain, immune and reproductive system. Process used by informal sector can release such substances in surrounding and can increase pollution.

Hazardous substances present in e-waste can contaminate soil, water and air if they are thrown away or send to landfills. It will reduce fertility of land and increases risk of exposure to human beings. Devices with such substances like monitors, lamps, tube lights, batteries, mobile phones, etc. should not be thrown anywhere and should not be handed over to informal sector.

We at Earth E-Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. adhere to environment friendly recycling process and make sure that such hazardous substances present in e-waste do not create any kind of issues to humans and environment.

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