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  Electronic waste re-cycling

Electronic waste, e-waste, e-scrap, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) describes loosely discarded, surplus, obsolete, or broken electrical or electronic devices such as computers, printers, laptop, cell phones, pagers, photocopier, digital photo and music devices, toys, electrical appliances and televisions.

“Anything that has a wire, a plug, a battery or runs on electricity, that you probably aren’t going to use ever again comprises of electronic waste.“

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  What is E-Waste ?
  Advantages of Recycling
Recycling can be defined as the assembling, developing promoting or buying of new products, which are prepared from waste materials..
  The Process  
Our state-of-the art technology and superior methodology has enabled us to offer unique services.
  What are the Most Hazardous Wastes?  
CRT monitors and TVs contain and average of 4 pounds of lead each. Excessive lead and other toxins pose a problem in landfills because..
  Green Globe  
We are the company that offers safe and reliable disposal of e-waste.
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The company is planning to go for ISO Certification 9001:2008 in this year.
The company is planning to set a new factory setup for the e waste products.